Step 1

Preheat your Iron (or hair straightener) to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or the cotton setting. While the iron is preheating, turn your bra inside out so you can see the pockets where the pads normally sit. Reach into the pocket and remove the old, or original, pads that the sports bra came with. Lay the bra out on an ironing board or flat surface, like a table or a countertop with a heat protectant

Step 2

Peel the paper backing off heart shaped adhesive strips. This will allow the adhesives to be uncovered and the pads will be ready for insertion into the sports bra pad

If you skip this step, the heat activated adhesives will not be able to attach to your garment.

Step 3

Situate the pads so they lie flat inside of the bra. Adjust the pads within the sports bra so they sit in the cup of the sports bra. Make sure they are smooth and flat without any bumps or folds in them

Step 4

Iron on the Padhere pads from the inside of the garment that normally touches the body. Iron each adhesive for 10-20 seconds until a rough outline of the adhesives can be seen.

Each of the three heart shaped adhesives on each pad will require 10-20 seconds of ironing. You can iron more than one adhesive at a time.

If you do not have an iron available, you can also use a flat iron that is typically used to straighten hair.

Step 5

Let the garment sit until it has completely cooled. This will allow the adhesives to fully adhere to the fabric. Lightly pull in different directions to ensure that the adhesives have fully taken to the fabric.

If the adhesives did not visibly attach to the sports bra fabric, repeat steps 4 and 5. Ensure your iron is at the correct temperature before repeating the process.

Additional Info

You will be able to install the Padhere iron-on pads on both sides simultaneously. However, if you opted to do one side at a time, repeat all prior steps on the other side.

Because the adhesives face inwards towards the body, they will never be visible. Unlike sewing or other options for attaching pads to sports bras, Padhere pads do not cause any discomfort and are virtually undetectable.

Washing Instructions

Padhere Iron-on Pads are washer and dryer proof. No need or extra protection such as putting your bra in a delicate, mesh, or rubber bag. If you prefer, set your washer to the “delicates” setting. Most washing machines have different settings that change how fast they spin. Typically when you wash your sports bra in a washing machine, it's good to put it on the setting for delicates so that your bra doesn’t get spun around too much. However, if you skip this step Padhere Pads will still stay in place.

Because Padhere Iron-on Pads are dryer proof, you can put them directly into the dyer. Instead of hanging your bra to dry, you can put your bra into the dryer on normal settings.

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